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WhatsApp Aero (OFFICIAL) Mod Download Latest free upgrade for android + review updates and how to install applications for all types of cellphones

WhatsApp Aero Mod for Android has been published with many interesting functions, since the creation of the Wa-Mod is intended to arouse users’ interest in using the application.

With so many WhatsApp Mod apk embedding interesting and full features and offering a unique and cool look that is usually different from WhatsApp, it will of course always be a lure for those who use the Chattingan application on an Android phone.

And it is proven that it has now arrived among us WhatsApp application Aero Mod Apk, which has many cool and interesting functions and is complete and offers a display with a different design.

WhatsApp Aero itself has been updated several times, so Aero WhatsApp has been equipped with full functions and fixes the shortcomings that are not yet available in the old or earlier version.

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Why does WhatsApp Aero Apk need to be downloaded?
Because the latest version of WhatsApp Aero Mod 2020 is very suitable for your requirements in chat and for other activities such as sending messages, videos, files, songs, etc.

And with the download of aero whatsapp apk the performance of an Android smartphone or iOS iPhone is not interrupted, since this one mod offers a used user interface and gives it an elegant appearance.

This aero mod offers stability when used for other activities on mobile devices. The Boz Hazarr Aero WhatsApp Mod is very different from the previous WA Mod application.

Detailed information WhatsApp Aero Mod Apk
download wa aero mod apk
WhatsApp Aero is a WhatsApp mod application created by a developer called “Hazar Bozkurt” from Turkey.

Aero WhatsApp 2020 took second place in large format after applying WhatsApp modifications. Despite its size, WhatsApp Aero has been equipped with many functions that can be used for your requirements.

Not only this information about WhatsApp Aero, but also the main functions of this application such as “Aero Privilegas Mod” in the upper right corner have five menu sections. Updates, aero themes, data protection, home screen, universal, aero widget, conversation.

And on these aero themes, there are 3000 more themes for those of you who want to use WhatsApp with a different feel. And if you want to be different, you can use the WhatsApp Beta Dark mode that was just released.

If there is a WhatsApp Aero update with full features and stable performance for mobile devices, your chat activity will be different from the previous one because the latest version of Wa Aero has charming features that you can see in the list below.

whatsapp aero


WA Aero Latest Features Apk For Android 2020
WA Aero Mod
There are some features you should know about the latest version of WA Aero Mod Apk as this feature can give you an insight into the basics of use and function.

Basis 2.19.230
Anti-banned account
Scheduled message
Reply to messages automatically
The WhatsApp element creates a live preview when the colors change
Expires in the next four months
The WhatsApp status is similar to that of Insta Story, which can be set in the home screen menu
Chat counts cannot be read
Airplane mode
Available for deleting conversation backup data on WhatsApp
In hidden chat, the words “Continue from …” are not displayed on the screen
Many emojis available
Group statistics so you can monitor managed groups
The online status is displayed on the main screen
Can press the link in the status of a friend
Additional words make the status from 139 to 250 characters
Hide names and dates when copying users to Chatt
Copy and paste the status of wa
Send video The size has been increased from 16 MB to 30 MB
Send pictures / photos increased from 10 to 90 pictures
Can identify against normal messages and also send messages
Add many document files with support for txt, pdf, xls, ppt, zip, rtf, doc, pptx, xlsx, vcard and others
Well, these are just a few of the newest features of the WA Aero Mod, but there are actually many of them that we didn’t mention above. But after you download, you will definitely know for yourself how many features there are on the Aero Mod.


Download WhatsApp Aero Apk latest version 2020 Anti Banned
Download WhatsApp Aero Apk
WhatsApp Aero Apk v8.12 latest version 2020

Download it

WhatsApp Aero Apk v8.2

Download it

WhatsApp Aero Apk v8.5

Download it

Before you can download wa aero mod apk on Android, there are a few things you need to do. And it was written in detail below.

  1. Before downloading the WA Aero Apk application, it is better to uninstall the original version as it will fail if you do not delete it.
  2. Restore or restore WhatsApp data / copy WhatsApp data to return the chat you want to back up because your account is locked. The solution if you want to back up is only with Google Drive.

How to install the latest WA Aero Mod Apk 2020
First download the provided WA Aero Apk 2020 version 8.12
Then enable the Unknown sources option so that applications downloaded from outside the PlayStore can continue to be installed
Then find the application you downloaded by opening the file manager => in the browser you normally download, click Download / Download
When you find, just install the application and the installation process is as follows.
And if it is already installed on your mobile phone, please create a WA account as usual by opening WA Aero => Agree and continue => Enter the still active phone number => Check the accuracy and congratulations You successfully used WA Aero in the first step.

How to set WA Aero Mod
Maybe you are confused how to use WA Aero? After installation, the application certainly doesn’t know how to use it correctly. So there are a number of steps you need to follow. So just watch the tutorial.

  1. How can you get rid of writing while tapping wa aero?

First open the application, then select item three, select Privacy, select Contact and select the Hide typing check box. Then click OK.

WA Aero Mod apk
You can also use the method described above to remove the recording, the blue microphone, the blue check, and the double check.

How do I change the background image on the Aero WhatsApp homepage?

First open the application, then choose Aero Mod, choose Home, choose Color and then Background. The first three options are displayed. Solid color, gradation, photo. And we choose Solid Color, then please change the background image in the gallery of your phone.

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