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February 20, 2020
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Mango Live Ungu (Mod + APK) Download the Latest Version (UNLOCK ROOM) free for android + review updates and how to enter applications easily. For more details, see the discussion below.

We will provide one of the most popular steam live video applications today. Because this application is fairly new with more than 50 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store. However, from the first glance, streaming applications can be said to compete with other applications. This is not because its use is so easy and simple.

Modified original version that has been integrated with some very cool features. One of them is the room unlock function which is one of the main features of this apk mode.

With the open space feature, you can see all live streams without having to worry about the locker room streamer.

In addition, this apk has a very small file size, so for those of you who have an Android phone with an intermediate specification, they can use this application.

Though using a live video streaming application is very easy and has a very simple display, easy to understand.

If you have watched Gogo Live, this time we will give you Mango Live Apk. Maybe you are familiar enough to hear the name of this streaming application

Mango Live MOD APK

mango live

mango live purple
Here we will not discuss the original version, but the latest 2020 live mango apk is currently being studied, including people reading this article. Before you go into further details, please note that the mango mod apk

How to use the Application

When APK mode is installed, open it using a stable internet network
You will be automatically directed to the registry via Facebook, Google or your mobile number. Please choose one of them
So, we recommend that you register using your Facebook account. The aim is to facilitate the registration process.
After registration and registration is complete, you will be presented with live streaming video from various streamers
If you want to make a live video, just press the center button
Application Excellence
The advantage of this apk mode is the Room unlock function. You don’t need to buy everywhere just to open a locked room. Because the room unlock feature automatically opens a locked room.

In addition, this is beneficial for others with VIP functionality. If the function is very difficult to achieve, especially if the user is new and does not buy diamonds. However, using this apk mode, you automatically get VIP functionality without diamonds.

Lack of Application
Mango Live is an illegal application that is hated by official developers, so if there are Developers who know this apk mode, they cannot be used to unlock or anything.

However, you don’t need to worry because we will always update the latest direct mango mod link to unlock the entire room.

How to Install Mango Unlock ROOM

For the Purple Live Mango mode version, you cannot download and download it from the Play Store page and from the application archive available on your mobile. For this reason, we deliberately present this discussion to get the application as well as other important information related to this live broadcast application.

Be sure to find out about the benefits or the latest features of this purple live mango mod application. If you are really curious, you can immediately refer to all the features and benefits of live streaming applications about it. Now, remember the modified life support application functionality

How to install Mango Live Ungu?

First download the direct link provided
If you enter “File Manager” on every Android phone
Then click on the file and install
Enable “Unknown” sources
Then click “Install” and wait for the process to finish
After finishing, you can enjoy this live streaming application


Purple mango live application features
Besides having an outdoor unlock feature, this application has also added VIP features that can be automated without using diamonds or coins.
Unlock Room
As mentioned earlier, one of the best features of the purple mango live application is the room unlock feature. This feature automatically opens a room that is blocked by the streamer, so there is no need to buy coins / diamonds to open a closed room.
Actually, there are many features in this apk mod, but we cannot explain its use. From you have the following features:

Live chat is free
Private chat
It has a beauty effect
Gifts / prizes can be borrowed
Can add stickers to videos or photos
Stand up (live video streaming with lots of friends)
Can add friends automatically when streaming live
Has a living room without coins / diamonds
Get the latest level for free shows
Direct hack at level 1
Equipped with an anti-ban system
Free access or room key unlock
There are no ads on the application
Shades of purple
It can connect with many users throughout the world
Easy to use
And other features
On this exciting occasion we will show you the latest Mango Apk Mod. By downloading, installing, and using this live video application, we hope you find something that will definitely make you happy. Now see below to download the application as well as information about the application


Name of the Mango Live Purple Application
38MB in size
Update 2 Days ago
For those of you who don’t know what mangolive application is? i.e. an application that includes social media categories but has the function of sharing live video broadcasts or allows you to make a live broadcast that can be seen by users who have registered for live streaming.

And on this occasion, we will discuss the “Purple Version” Mangolive. And of course whether the application has advantages? There are definitely several advantages to using it, including “unlocking the room”, that you can join and find new friends in the application room.

An updated look, which has a theme with a background color “Purple” definitely adds more value to the live App, and if you are looking for it now or want to use it


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