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GBWhatsApp PRO Apk (official) Download the latest version of Android 2020 anti ban + review update functionality. For more details, see the discussion below.

When it comes to Whatsapp mod, the WhatsApp GB APK is the main name we can hear. This is also one of the best Whatsapp mods and there is no doubt about it. It comes with many features that make your experience as rich as possible.

So if you are wondering how to download the GBWhatsapp apk, we are here to help you. In this article we will share the download link on GBWhatsApp. But before you do that, let us know what GBWhatsapp is?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms on Earth. Almost everything is on WhatsApp and many people use it for their personal and business needs. This application also has over 1 billion installations on various platforms.

You can download WhatsApp for your Android and iOS devices. You can also download it for your Windows PC or use it through your Internet browser. We also shared a complete list of resources.

You may have heard from many people that GBWhatsApp is prohibited, but don’t worry that your WhatsApp account is not blocked because the latest version of GbWhatsApp is Anti-Ban.

What is GBWhatsApp? As mentioned above, it is a Whatsapp mod with many features. Or you could say it’s a compromised version of the original Whatsapp application. As a result, he managed to get rid of all the predefined restrictions and add some key features.

In addition to one of the main messaging platforms, WhatsApp doesn’t have many features. Because the weaknesses in the privacy settings come with many restrictions and so on. And sometimes, this lack of functionality and limitations makes our experience with Whatsapp terrible.

So the question is: how do you solve this problem? So, you don’t have to answer this question. Instead, someone thought about this question and developed GBWhatsApp.


gbwhatsapp pro

GBwhatsApp Pro features
The official app doesn’t offer many customization options. With the help of the GBWhatsApp apk you can customize the application to your liking. Here are some of the official features of the Pro GB 2020 version

  • This allows you to send broadcast messages to groups.
  • When you delete a chat, you can filter the text messages.
  • Anti-deletion message
  • The “enable location” option so you can share your location with your friends.
  • This allows you to add effects to videos and images before sending them.
  • You can extract many messages simultaneously with GBwhatsapp.
  • It can make calls to numbers that aren’t even saved in contacts.
  • GBWA allows you to select the groups for which you want to enable the automatic media download feature.
  • Save the status and stories of others.
  • Previously, the video calling feature on GBWA did not work, but now
  • Copy two or more WhatsApp messages without copying the date and time.
  • Blocking WhatsApp without third-party applications.
  • Adjust according to your needs.
  • If desired, adjust the status and the navigation bar.
  • Disable the Stories function.
  • Hide message Visible after reading the message.
  • Adjust the style of the image / bubble according to your needs.
  • Choose a theme based on your preferences.
  • Send an empty message to your contact.
  • Change the color of the notification bar.
  • Change the phone number
  • Select and send 90 images at a time, not 10 images.
  • Transmission messages can be sent to 600 people simultaneously.
  • You can set a status of 255 characters with GBWhatsApp. On the other hand, Whatsapp only allows you to set a state of 139 characters.
  • This application has support for over 100 languages.

Excellence of GBWhatsApp NEW PRO

GB WhatsApp is equipped with an automatic reply function. This is one of the features that cannot be found in the official application. Using this feature, you will be able to automatically reply to people. For example, if you are busy, you can organize car messages and get to know your friends.

WhatsApp GB includes many group functions. How to create a group with 256 users In addition, there are several settings for group administrators. The latest version has DND functionality. This feature allows you to connect an Internet connection to the application only. As a result, your friends will find you offline. In addition, you will be able to use other applications without distribution.

You probably already know that WhatsApp has many limitations. How to send only 30 documents at a time. However, with the help of GBWA, you can manage 100 documents at a time, 100 images at a time. In addition, you can send videos up to 50MB in size

Authorization for the application

Internet access
Use a microphone
Access to storage space
Use a microphone
Use the camera
Access to location
Manage your contacts
Bluetooth access
Manage your message
Access to vibrations
Manage background activities
How to install GBWhatsApp on Android
Well, if you have this question in mind. Don’t worry, we support you. However, before discussing the steps, make sure your smartphone supports installing applications from unknown sources. To enable this option, follow these steps:

First, open your smartphone settings.
Then go to the Additional Settings tab.
Open the privacy settings
Now here you will see an option that says “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources”.
Next, tap on the previously downloaded file, then hit Install
Wait for the process to complete for a few minutes

Update GBWhatsApp PRO Latest version

The functionality is quite surprising, because it allows users to customize their Whatsapp so that it appears as it prefers with the help of themes. For example, if you want to feel the atmosphere of a basketball court or a sponge cake, all you have to do is download the theme and apply it to your account.

If you can’t find a theme you like or fascinate, then stay here. Interestingly, you can share it with the developer so that it becomes part of the downloaded theme. This is surprising because it gives you room to be creative.

cancellation of anti

About how Whatsapp people delete the message they sent you after a while, curiosity increases and several questions arise such as: what has this person lost? Why did they cancel it? However, with GB Whatsapp, your curiosity increases. You can see all the deleted messages in 3D (the 3D part is definitely an excessive lol).

private life

The developer of this mod version of Whatsapp seems obsessed with privacy. This is because in this version you can take many steps to go online on Whatsapp, but it becomes a joke. You can turn off the blue sign so that nobody knows if you’ve seen their message or not. You can deactivate your online status so that your contacts think you are offline, even if you are online, you can also deactivate the last seen status. Nobody will see it if you answer their status and they also don’t know if you see their status or not. Literally, GB Whatsapp hides you for ordinary view


If some people are online, GB Whatsapp plus notifies you directly. This is good for monitoring debtors (LOL). If someone owes you money, they can’t run online because you get notified every time they go online.

Hidden conversation

Sometimes people answer the phone and are unconscious through conversation. In the process, they see what they shouldn’t see. Now, prevent this from happening with this feature. This allows you to hide the conversation and with the blocking of patterns. Therefore, unless people who go to your personal space know the chat key, they may find it but will not be able to access it. quite similar?


This is an abbreviation for “do not disturb”. After installing Whatsapp in this mood, it means that you are experiencing an “I” moment on your mobile phone, like reading a book or playing games or even recording the screen and you don’t want to disturb yourself. What it does is prevent messages from entering so you don’t get distracted during training.

the key

GBWhatsapp seems to be very important to help you maintain your privacy. With this feature, they can generally block the application. In this way, nobody sees your conversation and / or your conversation is hidden. Your secret is absolutely safe.


The GBWhatsApp Pro version is a slightly modified version of the original GBWA and has special features not found in other WAMODs. The best WhatsApp award you can only get with this version.

One of the best parts of this application is; You can spy on other WhatsApp accounts from your account. In other words, you can use this GBWhatsApp Pro APK to spy on your friend or friend’s account. Is not it fantastic?

One of the exclusive and most sought after properties. And you can also take advantage of the many choices available at popular Wamods today.

Does it come with many mods and made specifically for hardcore fans who always ask for news? When new updates arrive. Are you one of them?

The GBWhatsapp Pro APK has a unique UI design and many other practical features that everyone will fall in love with.

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