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Fouad WhatsApp APK MODs Download (Official) FMWA latest version 2020 with anti ban features and updates. For more details, see the discussion below

What is Fouad Mods WA?

Fouad Mods is one of the best WA Mods with other names namely FMWA, FMWA 2, Fouad WA, etc., but developed by Fouad Mokdad. This application has a nice design, customization features, themes, text styles, blocks, privacy and more.

The WhatsApp Fouad APK application is also a modified and intuitive version of the official application and one of the most loved forms of WhatsApp.

What makes this mod special?

Has an attractive interface that is very easy to use. Fouad mods come with a series of features that make it interesting. Developers work on this type of mod to provide features that users cannot enjoy on the official WhatsApp.

Fouad Mods Application Review

fouad whatsapp

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular and very popular communication platforms and is known throughout the world. UI / UX designers present a variety of design solutions that make users fall in love. Each mod meets the needs of a specific audience. And that’s why there are so many WhatsApp modifications on the market.

This application has a personalized feature that allows you to adjust many things, such as “who can call you”, “who can send you messages”, and you can adjust your profile picture and contact status.

You can customize themes, smileys, launch icons, stickers, etc. You can also change the notification icon on Fouad WhatsApp.

This blog will help you understand this application and how to install Fouad WhatsApp APK easily. With WA MODS you can distinguish yourself from friends and family who have little or no knowledge about this unique application.

Features of Fouad APK 2020


If you do not understand the functions and features of this wa mod fouad 2020. Here are the details that explain the exclusivity of the Fouad WhatsApp APK module. After reading it, I hope you can find out all about the APK 2020 Fouad mode

Anti banned feature

Simple. You must have heard of “WhatsApp mod ban account”. Third-party developers try to prevent your account from being blocked by WhatsApp through the Prohibition Mechanism. Some WhatsApp mods also use this mechanism. This is a great feature for WhatsApp Fouad 2020. Now you don’t need to worry too much about prohibiting the problem, because here is the prohibition system in Fouad WA

Shop new theme and sticker pack

shop icon
Have you ever heard of the YoThemes package ?. With this application, you can use the YoThemes feature to add fantastic and new themes to WhatsApp. Enjoy all these themes for free. And you need to know the label. Now, with the new update for Fhaad’s WhatsApp you can add stickers and special sticker packages. You can also download stickers from the Play Store. Download the sticker pack you want. Make your conversation fantastic. So what do you think?

Add message and anti-delete status

Are you worried about messages being deleted from chat ?. Now you no longer need to worry about permanently deleted posts, because here you are reading the biggest WhatsApp mod, “2020 Fouad WhatsApp mod”.

This will allow you to view deleted messages without problems. And also the status, if someone in the contact list gives and removes the status, you can see it using this Unblock feature. So, Do you like this feature? Just download Fouad WhatsApp now to use this feature.

Add high-quality images and videos

Unlike the official WhatsApp which degrades the quality of sharing media files. Fouad Mod APK allows you to upload high-quality images and videos to your contacts.

You can also upload 1GB files at once with the new upgrade feature. You can also send more than 10 photos at a time. Share high quality of your media with the latest Fouad WhatsApp 2020 application. Download today from our website for free and easily.

Send messages without saving contacts

Can send messages to any WhatsApp contact number without saving the number. You can also call them without saving the number.

Disables tag forwarding messages

Forward tags are a big deal, but not a problem with WhatsApp Fouad. You can deactivate tag forwarding messages.

DND mode

In 2020, there will be a DND mode for WhatsApp Fouad. This is a great feature to avoid interference. Just activate DND mode and stay away from dizzy messages. You can easily activate this feature

WhatsApp Fouad Mods excellence
Advantages of WhatsApp Mods Fouad
Known as FMWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp 2020 APK is developed by “Fouad Mokdad”. Customized WhatsApp official APK. Also known as a Fouad mod APK. It has many other features of WhatsApp, but Fouad mode is better than other modes in some places.

Fouad offers many benefits, including fantastic multimedia features, enhanced privacy features, exceptional customization features, and more. WhatsApp Fhats mode is not like some other WhatsApp mods that don’t have updates. The 2020 version of Fouad Mods tops the list of the best WhatsApp mods. We have introduced you to the latest version of Fouad Mod APK for a better and more comfortable experience.

Fouad features are not available on the official WhatsApp. So if you want to download and install the WhatsApp Mod Fouad APK, you must have an idea about the exclusive Fouad Mod APK. These features make Fouad Mod WhatsApp a very stable and smooth mod.

UPGRADE Update on Latest Version of FMWA 2020

The new version of Fouad WhatsApp 2020 will release many new features as well as problems and bugs fixed. Read below for more information.

  • Base updated
  • Updated anti-prohibition mechanism
  • The format of the settings has changed
  • Backup feature available
  • Can add custom labels
  • Fix a bug
  • Bug fixed
  • Smooth experience with new improvements
  • You can upload high-quality videos and images
  • Shop for themes, smileys and stickers
  • forwarding labels can be deactivated
  • deter people from calling
  • DND mode
  • Book and Unblock
  • customized features
  • send a message without saving the number
  • With this new update, Fouad WhatsApp for Android 2020 will be updated in a new way so we can have a better experience.

The updated Anti banned method is safer to provide the best experience. This will help you enjoy for a long time, even years. With this feature, you are not excluded from WhatsApp and enjoy Mod Fouad’s exclusive rights.

In this new update, the Fouad mod settings have been redesigned to give you a fairly new look. Upgrade to the new version to enjoy all these features.
In the old form of Fouad WhatsApp, the backup function is not available, but in the new version it has arrived. Back up your conversations to recover data if an emergency occurs.

Some old bugs have prevented adding a specific theme from the Play Store, but now this version has fixed the bug. Many crashes will also be resolved in this new update. So what are you waiting for? Download 2020 Fouad WhatsApp now.

With new updates and new versions, a smoother experience with WhatsApp WhatsApp has been improved.

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